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LOL combat rankings: OMG and EDG to consolidate the position LCK

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n view of ESPN global combat power rankings often reported that the French media Eclypsia's global team rankings have also recently been of concern. EC Media has been concerned about e-sports competition, the past two years has been published in the French version of the global team rankings, because they have more than 60 games a week to gradually assess the performance of the team, and the establishment of a rigorous data analysis system. So the EC global team rankings, although not as famous as ESPN media, but also in the industry is authoritative.
Currently LCS, LMS and LCK Division has completed the summer regular season fifth week of the game, the team's state has been getting better, strong teams and the gap between the underdog is also growing. As this week is the world's five intercontinental tournament match week, all top leagues suspended for a week. Compared with last week, the South Korean team continued to sweep the forefront, WE and RNG clan because of last week's decline in decline, OMG and EDG team to become the LPL Division only facade.
Summer season fifth week, the current global team rankings
S: SKT / KT / SSG / LZ
C: FW / TSM / C9 / CLG / G2 / H2K / WE
E: E8W / BBQ / RNG / LGD / JT / AHQ
Nomination: P1
S level: SKT, KT, SSG, LZ

There are three teams here will participate in this week's Asian match, although KT and SSG team lost last week, the MVP team is the bottom of the league, but the LCK team to win the LPL and LMS team should be no difficulty.
SKT clan in the first battle of the telecommunications war 24 minutes after the defeat, the replacement of the two groups to play back over, then it is easy to beat the MVP 2-0 team. In the Asian match against the current plight of WE and the strength of the weak FW clan, it seems easy things.
KT clan and before, they can not fight against the late SKT clan, in the game against the ROX team is the case, even though Score 10 minutes before taking four head, then the tower failed to give opponents breathing space. In the Asian match they will against RNG and AHQ clan, should take the opportunity to adjust the command and the game medium-term strategic issues.
SSG clan also participated in the Asian match, their performance is a bit difficult, against the LZ clan when the middle of the road can not play, 20 minutes was killed four times, but fortunately Cuvee in the back two Council carry the game. But in the game against the JAG, Ambition rhythm was completely suppressed by Umti, it seems Haru have a chance to play.
LZ clan team lost to the SSG team, but they also beat the AFS clan, is currently the fourth largest team in South Korea, but they can not participate in the Asian match, or explain the game system some problems.
Class A: FNC, AFS, JAG

2017 Intercontinental Day today! Pacific Tournament to start the

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From today (July 21), the Intercontinental Tournament is ushered in the world, and the first tournament is the Pacific Tournament, which will compete in Southeast Asia, Oceania and Japan, from July 3 to 6. Strong field. The division team is based on the spring league rankings, each division sent three teams.
GPL Division is the most familiar with the GAM team, this team from Vietnam for their Division won the S7 global finals of an additional quota, they replaced in the summer game on the single and ADC players, the current summer season in Vietnam 5-1 record ranked first. The remaining two teams are the Ascension of the Thai League and the Mineski clan of the Philippine League. The Ascension clan is second in the league's 8-2 record, while the Mineski team is the 7-0 record.
Olic Division of the team Dire Wolves team in this year's Brazil MSI also participated in the finalists, after returning to stay in the league to maintain the first, to participate in this continental tournament Legacy team is currently in the OPL summer regular season is unbeaten record, not small Look, and Sin clan this season, poor state, hoping to take this opportunity to find self-confidence.
The representative of the LJL Division is still RPG and DTNG two veteran clan headed, there is a last year into the LJL league Japanese New Army USG, the three teams currently in the LJL summer regular season swept the top three, and the team has Two Korean players. The Pacific Tournament also has the opportunity to see how the Korean players in the outer card area how much play.
Pacific Intercontinental tournament will begin at 16:00 this afternoon, the first battle is GAM against the DW clan, the two teams in the Brazilian MSI separation of the two groups failed to make a positive fight, this will have the opportunity to decide who is The strongest outside the card team, but also for the upcoming September S7 Finals finalists to collect intelligence.
Today's schedule is as follows, the player can be in the following sections of the official website to watch the live broadcast, and from July 5 is the Latin American Tournament and the European and American Tournament, July 6 Asian Tournament and the Russian soil match also came.
16:00 GAM VS DW
18:00 MNE VS USG
19:00 DW vs RPG

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