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Asked fist: tell the truth that the fox is so banned

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Now the Asus is almost every bureau will be disabled. So how does Riot give an account of those who like to play with Aso?
be honest? Yasuo is a bastard. He is a monstrous role in the killing of the rumble in the game to complete some dazzling operation, wanton red cut everywhere, where only corpse ... at least he was the opposite time is the case. We are very excited to make a player so that the players never tired of the hero, but at the same time we are very sad, because this heat also makes him basically unable to play.
We hope that we can use Yasuo. Whenever he crosses the shuttle and death in the infantry plexus, or when the five people complete the five killings, the kind of excitement and satisfaction is unspeakable - we only hope that when these feats are completed Let the opponent feel you have made a meaningful choice in the war.
Now, we can easily adjust his hard power to reduce the rate of its ban, but this may also cause him to become too weak, choose the Asian fans will be caught in the "big" disadvantage, let alone also Will let him contain the unique style in danger. Alasso is not a very viable hero in the higher segment, and a large number of Sasso's appearance is also derived from those who join them to study his players (even so, the winning percentage is usually not expected as you raise ).
From his play in the professional situation is evident:
2016: 19 picks, 1 ban (Nidalee for reference was 404 picks and 930 bans)
2017: 1 pick, 1 ban
2016: 19 times selected, 1 disabled (compared to Nedeli 404 times selected, 930 times disabled)
2017: 1 time selected, 1 disabled
* Although these figures do not absolutely mean any problems, but interestingly in most of the game environment, the cable is difficult in the Summoner Canyon to find a place.
We think that it is not enough to adjust the value if we want him to be in a state where it can be played and not forbidden. In the list of skills that we might consider (think about the list of Rex, Cham, and so on), he has been quite forward, and with the introduction of 10, he joins further The ranks of Lever and Azer.
I would like to emphasize that since we have made adjustments to other projects, we have not started this research, but we will observe him for the next few weeks. I look forward to the completion of the adjustment after the Asian cable will not have much difference with the present, but the power of the re-distribution of power after the opponent can give more time to fight the decision-making space, at the same time to continue today as a great effort Experience. To reiterate that the players can fall in love with this hero so that we are very excited, but need to find a reasonable way to allow opponents to accept their final victory with the blade.
In fact, we also want to hear everyone's ideas! Why do you like to play yasso? Why do you hate to face him? Tell us in the comments.

6-16 US test clothing Maocai Bobby trolls to strengthen the adju

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The following is the June 16 US test service update content, all the data to the official version shall prevail.
Hero adjustment

Distorted Trees
Distorted Trees
Natural grip (R)
The maximum distance increased from 2500 at 3000
Hammers (Q)
Target maximum health value percentage damage increased from 7% to 8%
Troll's King Trondel
Troll's King Trondel
Target attack reduced by 20/25/30/35/40 callback to the official service of 10 / 12.5 / 15 / 17.5 / 20
Added: You can cast a defensive tower
Equipment adjustment

Followers of the dagger / stalker's blade / guerrillas
In the wild area in the mana recovery from 180% to 225%
Spotted slag
The total price dropped from 1100 to 900
The value of life is reduced from 280 to 200
The only passive - sacrifice:
Additional damage to the soldier and wild creatures increased from 50% to 100%
Character can echo
The only passive - echo:
With this effect hit large wild strange when the loss of mana lost from 18% to 12%
Slag giant
The total price is reduced from 2625 to 2425
The value of life is reduced from 400 to 325
Additional life from 15% to 20%
Sunny cloak
The synthetic route is changed to lock nail + red crystal + plaque slag
New rune system

South Korea a program revealed a little rune interface, which can see some new runes (the cornerstone of the rune seems to be free to the weapon painting, do not know what stuff, as well as the bottom of the monomer damage increased by 25%. Feeling very unrealistic)

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